Fall Fashion Begins Now!

Happy first day of Fall everyone! Well, that depends on what part of the world you live in. Here in Miami, it may be Fall but it still feels like summer so Fall fashion is going to be coming a little late. I just couldn’t resist the ankle booties and the denim on denim look […]

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Origins Out of Trouble Mask

Hello all! I know I haven’t been the best with keeping up, but I’m back and so eager to share a game changing product with you. I mentioned the Origins Out of Trouble Mask briefly in my July favorites but today, I want to show you all that it’s done for my skin. Just a […]

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Make Up, Don’t Cake Up 

Are you tired of your makeup looking all caked up and thick sitting on top of your skin when you leave the house? As much as that sounded like the opening line to an infomercial, I promise you it was not intended. Anyway, it’s not a cute look and I struggled with this problem for […]

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Whats Causing Your Breakouts?!

Hi there! I know I’ve been writing about skincare mostly but my skin has been acting up and I’m in Taiwan, where there are endless beauty shops. Ever since arriving here, my skin has been experiencing breakouts in places I usually don’t when I’m back in Miami. After doing some research in “Face Mapping” I decided that I wanted to share what I’ve learned with you!The Forehead
Breakouts on the forehead are usually correlated to stress. If you feel that you are overly stressed, find a way to relax and detox to prevent forehead breakouts. Another reason your forehead might be breaking out could be that you aren’t washing your face immediately after a workout. Also if your breakouts are focused along your hairline, make sure your shampoo isn’t too oily and your hair too!

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