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DSCN1261Hey there! I’m Helen Cheng and this blog is home to all of my life adventures.

Now you must be wondering “why should I care about what you two are doing with your life?” and the answer is simple; I don’t know. Oh I’m just messing with you! See, I used to think that way too when I first began watching YouTube videos of bloggers that just take you through their day, but I couldn’t stop watching. Then I began reading peoples’ blogs and it was the same thing all over again. So what is so interesting about these blogs is being able to see how other people live their life, (not saying my life is particularly more interesting than the average Joe’s), and also learning cool tips and tricks you wouldn’t have known otherwise. Those I believe are called “life hacks.”

Well, I believe I just skipped over the whole “about me” part… So here it is:

I’m Helen Cheng, as you can tell from my name (or not), I’m Chinese. I was born in Chicago but raised in Miami. Currently, I’m a 17 year old college freshman with a love for sharing my story. This isn’t my first blog but my past blogs are a little too embarrassing to share here. I’ve been blogging since my early middle school years.

I really enjoy traveling, eating (x100), clothing, beauty products, and exercising. Thats what my blog is going to cover. But with the focus on food because food is good for the soul.

Now that you know me a little better and you read my rambling on about my life, keep going to learn a little bit about Lexi; our beauty and fashion columnist. Don’t forget to subscribe too!

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Hey everyone! My name’s Lexi Leap and Helen and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. Growing up, we’ve always had a mutual love for blogging and I couldn’t be more thrilled that Helen has invited me to join her on this virtual pursuit. As you peruse my posts, you’ll stumble upon all things beauty related from hair tutorials to my monthly favorite makeup items. My interest in makeup sprouted from preteen Lexi logging on to YouTube and watching tutorials. I began researching products and in the past few years, my product knowledge has vastly increased. As far as fashion goes, I can guide you towards colors that match and help you avoid patterns that clash.

Let’s dive right in to the more in depth “about me” portion because as much as I love all things beauty, my whole life doesn’t revolve around getting all glammed up. On September 13th of 1999, I was born in Seattle, Washington making me fifteen. My mom was born in Saigon, Vietnam and my dad is 100% caucasian as he was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m also in that weird in between stage where you’re not a sophomore but you’re not a junior…as much as I love to say I’m an upperclassman.

Keep following and checking in to see my fashion advice, tips on how to spice up your room, tricks for makeup application, my attempt at being fit, and scrumptious food!

Happy Reading!!

– Helen & Lexi


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