Day 6 in Taiwan

Food court food isn’t typically something people crave, but when I’m in Taiwan it definitely is. Food courts are a magical place for groups because everyone gets the freedom to choose what they want to eat; whether it’s Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, or McDonalds. Today I opted for a Japanese style chicken curry with rice wrapped in egg and veggies on the side (I tried to be healthy).

I ate my lunch at the Taipei 101 food court, which can get a bit too crowded during meal hours but is definitely somewhere everyone should visit at least once. The food court is absolutely awe-inspiring, especially to all the food lovers out there. With dozens of vendors offering up various cuisines, it can pose as a challenge to indecisive people (like me).


Unfortunately, lunch was the only meal I ate out for today so that makes Day 6 a relatively short post. Since I haven’t been out and about as much this year, I’ll be posting the highlight meal or activity of each day. Stay tuned to see what else I’ll be up to in Taipei!


More pics from today:


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