Day 4 in Taiwan

Wow… time is flying by, I can’t believe my fourth day in Taiwan is already coming to an end! At least I made the most out of today and got a lot of things done.

Unlike my usual routine, I forgot to take pictures of my breakfast this time… but it was nothing too photogenic anyways. I had a rice roll/burrito type of thing with dried pork “floss” and fried dough inside. I’m not sure how to make this dish sound as yummy as it really is but I’ll be sure to get a picture of it sometime soon.

After breakfast I had a chiropractor appointment and facial lined up, so it was a pampering day. The appointments ate up the whole morning and led me straight to lunch hour (yay!).

For lunch I needed to grab a quick and easy bite at the MRT station before heading home. I stumbled across this cute little sushi place that called to me (well not really, but you know what I mean).

Sushi Express

Not the real deal (it was a plastic display)

Sushi Express was an extremely affordable option. Each plate on the train was 30NTD or 1 USD (how crazy is that?!). The meal included a water and hot tea, along with hot items to order such as miso soups, steamed eggs, and hand rolls that were also 30 NTD a piece.



​In the evening I went to watch Wonder Woman with some friends and it was an absolutely amazing movie with a women empowerment theme to it. It’s action packed and packed with attractive faces too (Chris Pines). Before watching the movie though, we grabbed a quick meal at Cali Burger. Cali Burger is known for being an In’n Out dupe but for someone who has never tried In’n Out, I can’t really make the comparison.



The burgers pictured above are the classic burger and the chicken sandwich. My order was the classic burger (with no mayonnaise) and it was amazing. I’m not usually a fan of fast food style burgers and originally was not thrilled with the notion of getting Cali Burger but after my first bite, I changed my mind. Despite there being no mayonnaise, the burger wasn’t too dry and it was just so delicious. The beef patty was juicy but not too oily and overall the portion size was perfect. However, the fries were a little disappointing. Since I’m a fan of thicker fries, like steak fries, it can be difficult to impress me with thin fries. But overall, I would recommend Cali Burger to those of you who don’t have an In’n Out in your city (like, Miami).

After the movie, we shopped around the movie theatre area and grabbed some bubble tea! I opted for a grapefruit green tea instead because it was a bit hot outside and I needed something refreshing. If you don’t know what bubble tea is or you’ve just never gotten around to trying it, click here to watch my video on why you should try bubble tea!



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