Day 3 in Taiwan

​Hey there! It’s the end of my third day in Taiwan and I must say, today has been the most eventful so far but is lacking in food pics (unfortunately). My day started off strong with a breakfast sandwich from JSP, a convenient and fast breakfast shop (nothing fancy). ​

The sandwich (pictured above) is filled with a fried egg, cucumber slices, and dried pork “floss.” Simple and frugal, but mind-blowing-ly delicious. To compliment the sandwich, I bought a tea egg from Family Mart and a black rice milk (total of 31 yuan = approx. 1 USD). How awesome.

After breakfast I basically went back to sleep and woke up just in time for lunch.  Lunch was at one of my favorite spots in Taiwan: Very Thai. This restaurant chain has a sleek modern design and savory and spicy dishes.


The shrimp and green bean vermicelli were spicy yet flavorful and had the perfect consistency. Green bean vermicelli are thin and have a very nice chewy texture to them. Just look at those noodles!

Shrimp pancake with a sweet and sour plum sauce.

Pictured from left to right: Fried shrimp ball w/ a sweet and sour plum sauce, green coconut thai curry, and stir fried green beans

Chicken Satay.​​

A very pretty rice container with thai style rice. (haha)

Beautiful accent wall

After lunch, I went shopping (yay!) with my family:

For dinner, I had a Carnegie Mellon alumni and admitted students event so I didn’t find it polite to stop everyone from eating to take pictures of the food so unfortunately, another dinner-less post. But I can tell you that we ate a small Spanish restaurant called Hestia Tapas. Hestia Tapas had amazing service and decent food. Since I live in Miami and frequent Spanish and hispanic foods, the food was not up to par with my expectations. The one dish that I definitely enjoyed and would recommend was their truffle risotto because you can never go wrong with truffles!

Stay tuned for Day 4!

(let me know if you have any recommendations or suggestions!)




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