Day 2 in Taiwan

My second day in Taiwan calls for another coffee run to Cama coffee (except I didn’t drink any coffee this time). Instead, this coffee shop visit turned into a photo opportunity because it’s just so darn cute!

From left to right: Iced Mint Chocolate, Coffee Slush, Hot Brown Sugar Latte

In the picture I’m holding a bottle of black rice milk (it sounds weird in English). Rice milk is essentially just like any other dairy milk substitute but is lower in protein and calories. I tried to look up some health benefits of black rice milk but can’t seem to find any, BUT it’s fragrant and smooth so no further justification needed anyways.

After breakfast I had to pay a visit to the dentist and that ended up with me snacking at 7-Eleven. Now the 7-Eleven snacks aren’t the most photogenic but I just had to share this because the tea egg and pudding came out to be 22 NTD which is less than a dollar (isn’t that awesome?!). The tea egg even comes hot and fresh and super yummy, it’s essentially a marinated boiled egg.

Snack time!

As I was strolling the streets on my way to hail a cab, I saw this beautiful gate and decided to take a picture in order to compensate for the not-so-pretty tea egg in a plastic bag.

​​For lunch we ate at Shin Yeh Taiwanese Cuisine. My all time favorite dish from Shin Yeh is pictured below. It’s a fresh Taiwanese spring roll filled with cabbage, peanut powder, bean sprouts, and some other veggies. The combination of textures, the crunch of the bean sprouts and soft fluffy skin, come together to make the spring roll just that much better.

​Once again, I have skipped out on a dinner outing so my second day of adventuring has ended at lunch. Stay tuned because adventure time only gets better as the jet lag fades away!



2 thoughts on “Day 2 in Taiwan

  1. Ahh! Love the posts!! That roll at ShinYeh is my favorite too!
    Also, peep the new haircut. Super cute ❤
    Haha never a starving moment when visiting to Taiwan 😍😋 Makes you wonder what being hungry ever felt like 🤔🤣

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