Day 1 in Taiwan

Taiwan is definitely the place to be for good food. Every street is bound to have at least one tasty eatery or tea shop and my goal is to try all of them (ambitious, I know). I’ll be updating you all daily on my gastronomic adventures and my not so edible adventures as well so you can follow me on my journey through Taipei.

But before I tell you about Day 1, here is a little snippet of what Day 0 (I didn’t really count the day I arrived as a full day) looked like:

XiaoLongBao is one of my favorite dishes! It’s essentially a pork dumpling with soup inside (cool, huh?). The skin of the dumpling is rather thin so you have to be careful not to pop the dumpling and lose all the soup, that would be tragic.


The other tray (the one at the top) is a dessert dumpling that’s filled with a sweet red bean paste. Eating sweet beans can be a bit of a weird experience for some people but they are delicious and definitely worth the try!

Day 1

For my first day in Taiwan, I started the morning off with an iced salted caramel latté from Cama Coffee. The coffee was fragrant, strong, and oh so pretty 😍 (peep that ombré of deliciousness).

After the coffee, I headed out to the hairdresser to get my annual hair cut. I’ve only gotten my hair done at this salon because they are just that amazing.

At the salon, they order a bento box style meal for you if you happen to be in there during meal hours (which I was) and the food is still delectable.

Now that ^ is what I call Chinese takeout. The bento box style meals are a popular meal option that are tasty and nutritious. The bento box pictured above has chicken thigh, rice, tofu, Chinese squash and mushrooms, and green beans. It also comes with a soup and a watermelon wedge for dessert (how healthy).

It was a long day at the salon so I spent dinner at home with the family and got too caught in eating and forgot to take a picture (oops). No more food pics ’til tomorrow then!

-Helen Cheng


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