Face Mask Shopping Spree!

Guess what I did! You probably guessed right; I went on a face mask shopping spree!

Taiwan hasn’t been too kind to my skin, but honestly its always in the mood for a break out. So seeing all these Taiwanese girls with flawless skin had me wondering whether its because the masks here actually work. In a desperate attempt to free both my face and my brother’s face of excess sebum and acne, I purchased a variety of masks to see which ones work best. I haven’t gotten around to trying all of them yet but I’ll update you guys on the other masks when I get a chance to use all of them!

1. 2-Step Pore Eraser by Han Aka

Shop the mask here!

My favorite mask of all time! A black clay mask that you smear on where you want it. When it says it removes acne, it LITERALLY rips it right out and closes the pore at the same time. The toner that comes with it is optional, but I’m personally a fan of toner. Disclaimer: This is probably the most painful mask. Its like waxing your entire face.


2. AC Clinic Intense Acne Mask & Vita Complex Revitalizing Mask by Etude House

Shop the acne mask here & the vita complex mask here!

I find that the acne mask help to reduce the redness and swelling of existing acne and stops “up and coming” trouble spots. Its a typical cloth mask. It is basically a Salicylic acid mask

I am quite fond of the revitalizing mask now that I’ve tried it. The morning after i used the mask, the redness i usually have on certain spots of my face were gone. It also took care of some little acne bumps.


3. Chamomile and Aloe Vera Masks by Han Aka

I also haven’t gotten around to using these but I wanted to try something new. If you have tried them, drop a review in the comments below!


4. I’m Real Mask Set by Tony Moly

Aaaaaand I ALSO haven’t gotten around to using these but a fellow blogger had mentioned how much they liked Tony Moly products so I figured that I should give them a try.

*update* Just tried these and I think I’m in love. The actual mask is made of 100% cotton as is incredibly soft and thin. On top of that, I really saw a difference in my skin the next day. I found that my skin felt softer, smoother, and the biggest help was reducing the pain and swelling of cystic pimples. Some redness from my acne was reduced as well.


5. The Panda Face Mask

Okay so… Lately, its been a trend here to not only multi-mask but to wear masks with cute prints on the cloth. I was a sucker for these cute masks and purchased the panda style masks! They also have Bejing Opera masks!!!

I hope you enjoyed!

– Helen ❤


3 thoughts on “Face Mask Shopping Spree!

  1. aww I’m a killer for sheet masks too! Could you possibly do an update review on the products? Thanks!


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