Day 7 in Taiwan

My all time favorite Taiwanese dish: beef noodle soup. Beef noodle soup is probably the most essential food ever. You can find some variation of it at almost every restaurant or food court and there are even restaurants dedicated to just serving up all sorts of different beef noodle soups. The rich and sometimes spicy […]

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Day 6 in Taiwan

Food court food isn’t typically something people crave, but when I’m in Taiwan it definitely is. Food courts are a magical place for groups because everyone gets the freedom to choose what they want to eat; whether it’s Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, or McDonalds. Today I opted for a Japanese style chicken curry with rice wrapped […]

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Day 5 in Taiwan

Day 5 wasn’t eventful at all so today’s post is going to be centered around the one restaurant I ate at today: Matcha House. As you can tell from the name, it was a matcha themed Japanese restaurant. In keeping with the theme I ordered an iced matcha tea while my brother ordered a pomelo […]

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Day 4 in Taiwan

Wow… time is flying by, I can’t believe my fourth day in Taiwan is already coming to an end! At least I made the most out of today and got a lot of things done. Unlike my usual routine, I forgot to take pictures of my breakfast this time… but it was nothing too photogenic […]

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Day 3 in Taiwan

​Hey there! It’s the end of my third day in Taiwan and I must say, today has been the most eventful so far but is lacking in food pics (unfortunately). My day started off strong with a breakfast sandwich from JSP, a convenient and fast breakfast shop (nothing fancy). ​ ​ The sandwich (pictured above) is […]

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Day 2 in Taiwan

My second day in Taiwan calls for another coffee run to Cama coffee (except I didn’t drink any coffee this time). Instead, this coffee shop visit turned into a photo opportunity because it’s just so darn cute!

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Day 1 in Taiwan

Taiwan is definitely the place to be for good food. Every street is bound to have at least one tasty eatery or tea shop and my goal is to try all of them (ambitious, I know). I’ll be updating you all daily on my gastronomic adventures and my not so edible adventures as well so you can follow me on my journey through Taipei. 

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Face Mask Shopping Spree!

Guess what I did! You probably guessed right; I went on a face mask shopping spree!

Taiwan hasn’t been too kind to my skin, but honestly its always in the mood for a break out. So seeing all these Taiwanese girls with flawless skin had me wondering whether its because the masks here actually work. In a desperate attempt to free both my face and my brother’s face of excess sebum and acne, I purchased a variety of masks to see which ones work best. I haven’t gotten around to trying all of them yet but I’ll update you guys on the other masks when I get a chance to use all of them!

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Ode to Spring… Fashion

Spring is a beautiful season-so full of life and color. Our Spring wardrobe should be just as lively. Today, for my Saturday brunch, I wore a cold-shoulder bell sleeved dress from Abercrombie and paired it with a pair of my favorite nude booties. To add some more Bohemian flair, I donned a wool floppy brim fedora in a nude-ish taupe and some colorful and beaded bracelets.

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